3 tips för hormonell balans

3 tips for hormonal balance

by Mimmi Palmgren (guest post)

We are many women who struggle with hormonal imbalances, PMS, hormonal acne, fatigue, mood swings, decreased sex drive, period pain, etc. Most women have also grown up with the information that it is normal, and part of being a woman.

And certainly we will notice that we are women and live cyclists, we constantly have a cycle going on in our bodies, it goes up and down and there is a lot that has to be right for it to be in total balance. So of course we can feel a little low sometimes or get a little irritated. But it is not part of being a woman to have so much trouble that it affects your everyday life. Then we have excessive hormonal imbalances and it is a sign from your body that something is not right. Maybe you've been stressing a lot, exercising too hard or eating too much sugar.

There is a lot that can affect our hormones, they are very sensitive and like to have peace and harmony to do their best work. Our hormones basically control everything in our body, e.g. our reproduction, our metabolism, our body temperature, sex drive, etc. So of course we are affected when they are not in balance.

Your hormones have different tasks, they are produced in different glands in the body (eg ovaries, adrenals, thyroid and pancreas) and are sent as messengers through the bloodstream to different receptors (receivers) to signal something. For example, the hormone LH is sent from the pituitary gland to the ovaries to signal that the egg is ripe and can be hatched. When we have disturbances in the hormonal system, the signals may not reach or too little or too much of a hormone is produced, this causes us to get imbalances.

Here are 3 tips on how you can help the body maintain a hormonal balance: 

1. Recovery

I don't like to write reduce your stress, because I know from experience that it can upset more than help. We stress far too much in today's society, most people know that. We are constantly connected, available, we are overwhelmed with impressions, we must be sufficient, perfect and prioritize everyone else before ourselves. This is not sustainable and the body will constantly produce stress hormones, causing your other hormones to be de-prioritized. Stress is about survival, it will always come before anything else in your body. And it's the same glands that produce stress hormones that produce your sex hormones. So - we have to bring in recovery. Rest, meditative activities, peace of mind, a break from the intense pace of everyday life. My best tools are deep breathing (10 min every day - or as needed), meditation, yoga and nature. All of these have amazing healing effects on our stress system. When the body gets a break and activates the calm and rest system, your hormonal system will also perform better.. 


2. Increase nutrition in the diet

Nutritional deficiencies are another cause of hormonal imbalances. Our cells and organs need enough nutrition to be able to perform their tasks. Here we need to make sure we get a varied and nutritious diet, with food cooked from scratch. Vegetables, berries, fruit, protein, fat and carbohydrates. Many people know that sugar is a culprit in many things, including when it comes to hormonal health. Sugar stresses and burdens your body, it affects your blood sugar, which will affect yourshormones. Feel free to reduce sugar intake, and focus on nutrition.


3. Reduce toxins/chemicals

The hormones are easily disrupted by various chemicals and toxins in our environment. This is something we all get regardless of lifestyle, but we can reduce a lot by eating organic, natural food,super food, use natural and organic skin care products, makeup, cleaning products, etc. Review which toxins you can reduce in your everyday life to give your hormones a little more love.

Remember that life changes, so do your hormones, we may need different things at different times of life to feel good. Everything is a whole and we need support from several sides to help the body.

And just because you're a woman doesn't have to mean you have to have terrible period pains or depressive thoughts once a month - the body wants you well, always,  it just wants the right conditions to do its job.

With love,


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