4 företag och produkter som förtjänar din uppmärksamhet

4 companies and products that deserve your attention

We believe in supporting and highlighting the fantastic work being done around the world. Who, just like us, work towards a more clean, ecological and healthy world.

The first companies we want to highlight and advise are Jordklok.se. It has a wide range of everything from skin care to food and drink. This is how they write about their webshop: "We want to make it easy for everyone to reduce their environmental impact by offering a nice selection of natural, organic and sustainable products online. Our vision is to help people change their consumption habits in a simple and flexible way. We are quite simply the most down-to-earth store online!"

The next is Organicmakers.se, an online store that sells organic skin care products with pure ingredients. Ffor you who want to make your own organic products, or use pure organic raw materials for skin care.
They have raw materials, ingredients, equipment and recipes, as well as ready-to-use oil blends and artisanal skin care products!

If you want something simple for dinner but also good for our planet, we recommend it Årstiderna.se. Their food is always 100% organic. Simply because they think it's the best and believe it's better for both health and the environment. Better soils and greater diversity of life, and also less eutrophication and chemical pesticides in nature. As simple as that!

Last but not least, environmentally friendly wardrobe. Then there is a great tip to look into Sellpy.se. Sellpy was born from the idea of ​​making it possible for everyone to live circularly. They believe that the easiest way to reduce emissions is to make better use of what already exists. When you shop second hand on Sellpy, you can easily see how much each item saves in carbon dioxide emissions and water compared to newly produced.

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