6 kostförändringar jag gjorde för att läka min IBS

6 Diet Changes I Made to Heal My IBS

Hello! My name is Sindy and in this post you can read how I naturally healed my IBS.

My background with IBS

Bloating and cramps. For as long as I can remember, problems with my stomach have been part of my everyday life. Periodically so bad that I chose to refrain from much with the fear of not being close to a toilet or being able to rest my stomach. Doctors could find some specific allergies or problems in the stomach, hence I was diagnosed with IBS.  

Why I wanted to make a change

My doctor's advice was to eat according to a Foodmap diet. Which unfortunately had no major effect on my stomach. Medicines are something I try to avoid as much as possible, and want to be as natural as possible. Therefore, I decided to change my diet and heal my stomach that way.

What helped me:

  • Started using Bella Boost. My stomach feels much calmer and less bloated
  • Always start the day with a fiber-rich breakfast. Porridge is my favorite, it gets the stomach going and creates a good foundation for the day
  • I drink a lot of water - with meals and in between
  • Stopped drinking coffee & other caffeinated drinks - replace it with tea
  • Eating more fat, from fish, nuts, avocados etc - helps the gut to process the food
  • Cut back on sugar and sweeteners - feel less bloated

With the help of these changes, today I can eat basically anything without thinking. I hope this can help someone else!

Note that this blog post is a personal experience and what cures one's IBS is individual. Consult your doctor in case of discomfort.




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