7 tips för en hälsosammare jul

7 tips for a healthier Christmas

Christmas is finally here! But for many, this means eating a lot of sugar, saturated fats and other foods that can cause anxiety in the body.
We have therefore come up with 7 healthy tips on what you can eat during Christmas that are both healthy and tasty.

1. Give yourself a green start to the day
Replace breakfast this Christmas with a green smoothie full of vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and with a low calorie content. By starting the day with a green smoothie, the body can regain PH balance, absorb good nutrition and build up the immune system. Kclick on the picture to read the recipe.

nyttig smoothie

2. Enjoy the spices
Christmas spices such as cloves, cinnamon, ginger and cardamom contain quantities of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, which both strengthen the immune system and protect against colds and infections. So go wild with the spices when you cook and bake. Or maybe heat some oat milk with cinnamon and cardamom for coffee?

3. Juicy and tasty
Traditional Christmas sweets are often full of junk but now is also high season for clementines, oranges, apples, pomegranates and dried fruit and nuts. It not only tastes sweet and good, it also contains amounts of vitamins and fibers without artificial additives.. 

4. More cocoa
Instead of light chocolate, you may be able to switch to one with a really high cocoa content. According to research, it can lead to lower blood pressure, protection for the heart and a happier mood. Or exchange the candy for good and healthy raw balls! click on the image to read the recipe..

5. Take care of your stomach
Christmas food can sometimes be hard on the stomach. Then it can be good to balance with beneficial probiotics that can be found, for example, in kimchi and kombucha. If your stomach is often swollen or upset, you can start the day with Belly Boost Chai Latte.
click on the picture to read the recipe.

chai latte
6. Munch on kale chips
Kale chips are a healthy and festive alternative to regular potato chips and also a really crunchy and tasty element on the Christmas table.t.

7. Drink lots of water
At Christmas we often eat a lot of salty and fatty food, and the body dries out easily. Make sure to create balance by drinking a couple of glasses of lemon water with each meal.
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