Fördelar med hampa och ärtprotein

Benefits of hemp and pea protein

Hemp and pea protein are two popular vegetable protein sources that are often used by people looking for alternatives to animal proteins. Here are some benefits of these two protein sources:

Advantages of Hemp protein:

  • Rich in Important Nutrients: Hemp protein is full of beneficial substances that the body loves, including iron, zinc and omega-3 fatty acids. These support heart health and general well-being.
  • Hypoallergenic Alternative: For those who cannot tolerate gluten or lactose, the hemp protein is an excellent alternative because it is free of these common allergens.
  • Benefits for Muscles and Immune Defense: The hemp protein is a power source to support muscle building and provide long-lasting energy. The zinc in it is also good for the immune system.
  • Balanced Fatty Acid Profile: It has an optimal balance between omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, which is good for heart health and can positively affect mood.
  • Digestive support: Many people experience improved digestion with hemp protein due to its high fiber content, which promotes a healthy stomach and regulates blood sugar.

Benefits of Pea Protein:

  • High Protein Content: Despite their small size, peas are packed with protein. Pea protein is a powerhouse when it comes to supporting muscle building and giving the body the energy it needs.
  • Hypoallergenic and Gentle on the Stomach: Pea protein is gentle on the stomach and a top choice for those with allergies. It is free from gluten, milk and soy, making it a friendly option for sensitive stomachs.
  • Complete Amino Acid Profile: Although not a complete protein source on its own, pea protein has a good mix of amino acids. It gets even better when combined with other protein sources.
  • Support for a Healthy Immune System: Pea protein contains iron and zinc, two important nutrients that support your immune system and keep you strong and healthy.
  • Digestive support: With a nice dose of fiber, pea protein helps keep your digestion on track and can also help keep blood sugar stable.

Protein Power organic superfood

Protein Power provides a high dose of plant-based protein (80%) and fills up with all the amino acids we need to get from the diet plus vitamins, fibers and minerals. It is suitable for those who exercise or when you need an extra dose of vegan protein.

It contains 2 types of protein; hemp- & pea protein, cocoa, cordyceps and guarana.

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