Julklappstips från Superfood and Berries

Christmas gift tips from superfood and berries

Christmas is fast approaching, and what could be better than spreading a little extra joy with thoughtful and memorable Christmas gifts Whether it's for family, friends or colleagues, we've put together a list of 5 great Christmas gift ideas that will suit everyone on your list..


1. Organic Charity products:

Give a meaningful gift by purchasing products from companies that support charity and sustainability. It can be anything from organic skin care products to handmade crafts.

2. Activity vouchers:

Give away experiences by creating your own vouchers for activities such as cinema, dinner at your favorite restaurant or a day at the spa. A personal touch that will be appreciated.

3. A Powerful Smoothie Blender:

This Christmas, consider giving a gift that promotes health and enjoyment every day. A powerful smoothie blender is the perfect choice for anyone who loves to mix up delicious and nutritious smoothies at home.

4. A smoothie diet from Superfood and Berries:

What could be better than giving away one of our cures to someone you care about. Help them kick start the year with spring 5-day-feel-good-plan.The is to give your body a chance to recover by eating easy-to-digest and cleansing foods. The recipes consist of clean and nutritious food in the form of green drinks, smoothies, salads and our superfood mixes Detox Deluxe,  Berry Beautiful and Protein Power. 

5. This year's Christmas present 2023

This Christmas, it's time to put the screen aside and create unforgettable moments with loved ones. Give away a board game to spread laughter and joy!





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