Prioritera hälsosamma och hållbara förändringar

Prioritize healthy and sustainable changes

Removing that which is unnatural and burdens our body is a principle that many people around the world have begun to embrace in their quest for better health and well-being. It is about identifying and eliminating negative factors in our lifestyle that can harm us in various ways. Instead of relying on temporary "quick-fixes" or unscientific methods, this approach encourages us to prioritize healthy and sustainable changes

What is PFAS?

PFAS stands for poly- and perfluorinated alkyl substances, which is a collective name for a group of substances that do not occur naturally. Unfortunately, we get PFAS through food, drinking water, indoor air, dust and consumer products. The amounts that we get through food and drinking water do not cause acute health problems, but some substances are stored longer in the body. This could affect health, including the immune system, cholesterol levels and liver enzymes.

Research shows that Swedish young people have high levels of PFAS in their blood. The HBM4EU project analyzed samples from 2,000 teenagers between the ages of 12 and 18, in nine countries from 2014 to 2021. Sweden's teenagers unfortunately topped this list with levels of PFAS in their blood: 12.31 micrograms per liter. Therefore, it is super important to look up which ones food packaging that contains PFAS and choose cosmetics and make-up that are labeled as PFAS-free. Higher consumption of fish and shellfish also has a large impact on PFAS.

In addition to its impact on human health, PFAS also has a significant environmental impact. These chemicals can contaminate soil, water and air and negatively affect the ecosystem. Reducing the use and emissions of PFAS is essential to protect the environment.

Change of diet:

Making a change in your diet by reducing or eliminating sugar, gluten, milk and semi-finished products can be a way to make your body feel better. FTo make this transition smoother, start by setting clear goals and creating a plan for how you will achieve them. Educate yourself about which foods contain the substances you want to avoid, and look for healthy alternatives. When shopping, read product labels carefully to avoid hidden ingredients. Concentrate on eating more natural and organic foods such as vegetables, fruit, lean protein and whole grains.

This gives you a base of nutritious options that usually don't contain unwanted substances. Plan your meals ahead of time so you have healthy options ready when you're hungry.

It is important to be patient with yourself and understand that changes take time. Sometimes you may encounter challenges or deviate from your new diet, and that's normal. The most important thing is to continue on your healthy journey and to be aware of how your body reacts to the changes you make.

Why Detox?

Unfortunately, the body and our organs are burdened more than we were created for with our modern lifestyle. Much of the food today is processed and contains unnatural additives and too little nutrition. Liver and kidneys are our purification plant and they work for us constantly.
Stress and lack of recovery also strain the body.
When the body's "detoxification" system is allowed to work at high speed, they do not have time to do their job fully and waste substances that normally leave the body are stored instead.

Therefore, you should use a Detox course, for a type of major cleansing of the body. After a detox, you often feel more energetic and healthier. A detox cleanses and strengthens the body from the inside. It is because everything you eat and drink settles in the body.

Which superfoods should I use??

We have one 72-hour Detox with our superfood mixes Detox Deluxe, Berry Beautiful and Belly Boost.

The detox diet can help you with:

  • clean out waste products
  • support the body's cleansing process
  • increase nutrient absorption in the intestine
  • give the body a chance to recover
  • restore the body's ph balance

Our superfood mix Magic Mind contributes to maintaining the normal cognitive functions of the brain; focus, memory and concentration. Magic Mind can be good if you have problems with migraines and headaches, which can be symptoms of unnatural substances in the body.



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