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The year was 2020 when Peter and Maria founded Superfood & Berries together in the heart of Stockholm. The reason they started this company was the remarkable change in Maria's health thanks to the superfood.

Maria had struggled for years with various chronic health challenges, including thyroid problems, urethritis and Raynaud's syndrome. After discovering one person's inspiring story of how they ate healthy from their problems through superfoods, Maria felt she had nothing to lose and decided to try it for herself.

"This discovery inspired me to put together a personal diet plan with various superfoods to continue improving my health. But I soon noticed that filling the entire pantry with bags of various supplements became cumbersome, which took away some of the joy. So I decided me to get creative and started creating my own superfood mixes. This led to the idea of ​​Superfood & Berries." says Maria

The superfood mixer we sell today is the same that Maria created to strengthen her own health.

Both Peter and Maria have invested heavily in healthy eating, exercise and well-being, and they are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience. Their hope is to be able to help others improve their health through diet. Superfood & Berries aims to make it easy to eat nutritious food and thereby feel good.

Maria points out that superfoods are not a quick solution but that it takes time before you see results. Despite this, she has already begun to connect with clients who notice improvements by including superfoods in their diet. Although not an immediate effect, these customers have experienced positive changes in their well-being thanks to the addition of superfoods.

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