Så blev jag av med mitt sockerberoende!

That's how I got rid of my sugar addiction!

Hello all Superfood lovers!

Now you will get to come along on my journey how I got rid of my sweet tooth with the help of exercise and diet. My name is Christine and I study Marketing Automation at the media institute.

I love exercise and health as it gives me a happy mood and a good physique. The diet is a large part of the training and it was a matter of course for me to apply for an internship at Superfood & berries as I use supermix mixtures on a daily basis.

What I ate before

Fast food, carbohydrates, pasta, potatoes, rice, bread, sugar, sweets, chips, soft drinks, chocolate, coffee and tea.

My journey has not always been easy and I could lack motivation at times but it is about not giving up and having discipline. That you are determined and show yourself that your body deserves to feel good.

What I changed my diet to when I started my healthy journey

Salad, chicken, fish, salmon, tuna, quark, yogurt, nuts, seeds and kernels (chia seeds, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds), quinoa, oatmeal, bean paste, honey, fruit, berries, vegetables, raw juice, smoothies, protein powder .

I replaced the morning coffee with a smoothie made from berries, Protein Power and Berry Beautiful. You can find the recipe for my smoothie with the taste of summerhere. A hearty breakfast that provides the perfect energy in the morning before a training session.

Superfood&berries Smoothie Protein Power

Changing the food was not difficult for me as I have never been picky, but for me it was the sweet tooth for sugar that became my challenge.

It is important to be able to replace the sweet tooth for sugar with something else. I still wanted to treat myself to the reward of eating something extra tasty, and giving up sweets completely didn't feel like an option. Then I realized that it's not about stopping eating sweets, but finding the right kind of sweets, another option that gives the same effect. Eating healthy should be fun and easy, and it was with the help of Superfood & berries.s.

Here are the recipes that helped me curb my sweet tooth

Changing the diet at home also resulted in the family changing their diet and this has given a more positive feeling in the home.

I feel that I have become more positive, more energetic, happier and stronger. My self-esteem is much better today and it is also something that is noticeable in my surroundings. I healed not only on the inside but also on the outside. The hair has become thicker, the nails have become stronger and the skin has become finer, just like everyone says but it takes its own time.

I usually say that small steps become big steps, everything good takes time. It is important not to stress results but to feel good along the way. Now I'm sitting here writing my first post as an intern for a company I can proudly show off and stand for. With this, I feel that it is a perfect fit to be able to create content for what I am passionate about and hope that my tips can help you.

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