Sköldkörteln, superfood och hur kosten kan påverka

The thyroid gland, superfood and how diet can affect it

Unfortunately, more and more people suffer from problems with the thyroid gland. What is perhaps less known is that there is a lot you can do yourself to strengthen the thyroid gland, both regarding diet and lifestyle.

Here are 7 tips
about diet, superfood and thyroid problems, as many of those who have become healthy naturally have advised (including the co-founder of Superfood & berries):

  1. Eat a lot of greens, preferably 70% of the plate
  2. Drink superfood smoothies, fruit and vegetable juices daily
  3. Eat a clean diet without additives, preferably organic.
  4. Lower stress levels. Djupanda morning and evening, meditate and do yoga. Stress is at least as important as a good diet.
  5. Sleep at least 7 hours per night
  6. Remove or reduce things that can burden the body and the thyroid such as sugar, coffee, gluten, flour products, alcohol.
  7. Use natural deodorants and creams without additives. Try, for example, coconut oil or almond oil. Remember that everything you lubricate your body with is absorbed by the skin

The diet

For people with hypothyroidism (too little production of thyroid hormones), it can be good to eat foods rich in iodine, such as shellfish, fish and algae. Iodine is an important component of thyroid hormones, so eating enough iodine can help increase the production of these hormones. It may also be beneficial to eat foods rich in selenium, such as nuts, seeds and whole grains, as selenium plays an important role in the production of thyroid hormones.

For people with excessive production of thyroid hormones, it may be good to avoid foods rich in iodine and selenium, as these can increase the production of thyroid hormones. It can also be good to choose foods that are filling and help keep your weight stable, such as legumes and lean meat. It's also important to eat a balanced diet with a variety of nutritious foods, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein sources.

Quote, Maria, the founder of Superfood & berries who herself has hypothyroidism:

I started with Superfood to help cleanse and strengthen certain functions that I knew my body was lacking. I started making my own superfood mixes and the first one I made was Hormone Harmony to strengthen the thyroid gland and help counteract stress. By giving my body a chance to rebuild itself and rest, I was able to gradually taper off the Levaxin. I have today lowered my dose of levaxin by roughly 80% with the help of the dietary changes I made. I'll get rid of the last one when I've learned to stress less, it's something I'm still working on.
Read more about Maria's health journey

What is the most common sign that you have thyroid problems?
There are many different symptoms of thyroid problems, and which symptoms are most prominent can vary from person to person. Some common symptoms of thyroid problems include:

  • Fatigue
  • Weight gain or weight loss
  • Sensitivity to cold or sweating
  • Hair loss
  • Skin dryness
  • Impaired tolerance to stress
  • Irritability
  • Increased bowel movement
  • Increased heart rate

It is important to note that these symptoms can occur in many other health conditions as well, so it is important to consult a doctor for a diagnosis. A doctor can take a thorough medical history and examine you to make a diagnosis and suggest an appropriate treatment.

Both women and men can get thyroid problems?
Yes, both women and men can suffer from thyroid problems. Thyroid problems are more common in women than in men, but they can occur in people of all ages and genders. The risk of thyroid problems increases with age, and people with a family history of thyroid problems or other hereditary conditions may be at increased risk. It is important to be aware of symptoms of thyroid problems and to consult a doctor if you suspect that you may have a thyroid problem.

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