Vad är superfood och varför är det bra för oss?

What is superfood and why is it good for us?

The superfood category includes a range of different foods such as mushrooms, tea, algae, herbs, spices, fruits and berries. They all contain amounts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Super food, superfruits or super powders is a collective name for those foods that are rich in nutrients and are often bought in a concentrated form. Why it is important for us to balance our diet with superfoods is to create a supplement to the nutrients we do not get the right amount of due to various reasons. It can e.g. be that because the soils and pastures have been leached of important substances that we would otherwise get through the food we eat. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are also becoming more common because we more often eat whole or semi-finished products where much of the nutrition has been removed.

Common superfoods that we have probably heard of are ginger, rosehip, turmeric and cinnamon (Ceylon). But in the category we also find more superfoods such as algae called spirulina and chlorella, hormone-balancing maca or invigorating green leaves such as matcha and guarana.
Deep, strong colors and flavors and aromas are created by phytochemicals and the healthy fats and fibers that superfoods contain reduce the risk of serious diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer.
The advantage of superfoods is that they are considered beneficial for our health and well-being as they are usually antioxidant-rich with high doses of polyphenols that can help us boost the body's immune system and live a longer and healthier life.

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