Vad säger Birgitta om vår 5-Dagars Må-Bra-Kur

What does Birgitta say about our 5-Day Feel-Good-Plan

Do you need help regaining your energy and vitality, breaking unhealthy habits or getting in better shape? Then the 5-day feel-good plan may be something for you. We have had the opportunity to interview one of our customers who has tested the regimen. Birgitta talks about how she experienced testing the 5-day feel-good plan.

What made you want to try the 5-day feel-good regimen?

- I have felt tired and had a little pain in my body and felt a little low. Many years ago I tried fasting and know that it had a good effect. So I thought this might be interesting to try.

What effects did you think it had on you?

- I slept better, felt lighter and more alert. The pain has also decreased.

What did you think of the recipes?

- Plus because it was so easy and quick to do and good with the shopping list. I already make daily smoothies but it was great to get some new salad recipes. The spinach soup is a new, somewhat unexpected favorite!

Would you recommend the 5-day feel-good plan?

 - Absolutely - I am convinced that everyone needs to do the 5-day plan regularly and cleanse the body. Personally, I was thinking of doing another round before the summer holidays. 

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