Intervju med Margit om vår 5-dagars Må-Bra-Kur

Interview with Margit about our 5-day Feel-Good-Plan

Our 5- Day Feel-Good-Plan is one of our most popular cures and we have had the opportunity to interview one of our customers to see what she really thinks about it and our organic superfoods. And this is what she said.

 What made you want to try the 5-day feel-good-plan?

- I have tried different regimens in the past, but did not find anything that I enjoyed as it was cumbersome. But when I experienced a difference with some of the products, I wanted to try and give it a chance.

What effects did you think it had on you?

- I have felt lighter, more energetic & more alert with the regimen. And the recipes were easy to make too.

Were they simple and good recipes that you could easily follow?

- The shopping list was great, it makes it so much easier to get started, since I live in a single household - I don't have to buy too much. And there were very nice recipes that suited my taste well and you didn't have to think about what to cook.

 Would you recommend the 5-day feel-good plan to others who read this page?

- I would really recommend this and since the regimen is made together with a dietician - I feel confident that you are getting all the nutrients you need. Will run it again soon, have saved the grocery list and recipes.

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