What is cordyceps?

Cordyceps is also called larval fungus as it is a parasitic fungus and lives on certain types of larvae. It comes from China where it grows at high altitude and has been used in traditional Chinese medicine. For a long time, this mushroom has been considered a luxury product as it is very rare and costs up to SEK 90,000 per pound. As you have not seen any difference in the quality of the wild-growing and the cultivated mushroom, it has become cheaper and the demand is great.


Why is cordyceps good?

In China, it has long been used in Chinese traditional medicine and is said to have several positive properties.

Among other things, cordyceps is believed to be able to increase the body's production of (ATP), which is crucial for delivering energy to the muscles. Therefore, it fits perfectly in our productProtein Power which is advantageously taken when it is time to train.

Cordyceps is said to be able to help fight inflammation in the body.


Why you should order from us

All our Superfood powders contain only organic ingredients. They are also gluten-free and vegan so that you as a customer will get the cleanest and best.


Products that contain cordyceps

Our product Protein Power contains Cordyceps.

Protein Power provides an extra dose of plant-based protein while replenishing amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It fits well before or after training, or for an extra dose of energy.

Recipe tips

Protein Power and Hormone Harmony Pancakes

 Protein Power och Hormone Harmony Pannkakor


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