Rose hip

Rosehip- For your skin, your immune system, your urinary tract and your digestion!

Why is rosehip?

Rosehips are the fruits of the beautiful rosehip rose that appear after the sweetly scented pink flowers have faded. Rosehips contain a high amountvitamins A and C, minerals. Vitamin C, not only supports your immune system, but also helps keep your joints healthy and mobile. Vitamin C also plays a role in normal collagen formation in the body. Vitamin A is needed for vision, skin and mucous membranes to function normally.In addition, rose hips contain minerals such as iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium. Rosehip also contains a lot of folic acid in rosehip and is very beneficial for pregnant women or those women who want to become pregnant.


Why is rosehip good??

Strengthens the immune system

A stronger immune system means better protection against bacteria, viruses, throat and body infections and recurring colds. Having an impact on reducing blood pressure drops, relieves migraines, cardiac arrhythmias, psoriasis, PMS, joint pain and mood swings.

Phytochemicals in rose hips help strengthen the immune system and keep the body's cells young because they contain anti-aging properties. The rose hip has long been used to build up and clean the body's connective tissue in e.g. the venous system and to support the elasticity of e.g. the bones, the brain and the veins of the heart. 

Promotes the glow of the skin and heals the stomach and intestines

In addition to promoting pigmentation in the skin, rosehip supports skin elasticity, helps with muscle cramps, inhibits fat storage in veins. In addition, rosehip regulates digestion, reduces constipation, fatigue, intestinal pouches, hemorrhoids, bladder problems and stomach cramps. Rosehips are considered as effective against urinary tract infections as cranberries.

However, rose hips have been used not only on humans, but also on horses to strengthen the immune system, cartilage formation, anti-inflammatory effects.

Joints and osteoarthritis can benefit from rosehip powder

In addition to reducing joint pain, rosehip contains galactolipid GOPO, a substance that has anti-inflammatory properties. GOPO consists of fatty acids and sugars. Locally, the rosehip powder acts so that the white blood cells cannot rush to the inflammation as quickly and thus reduces the swelling and pain. This makes you more mobile and in less pain.

Various studies have shown that a daily intake of rosehip powder reduces joint pain such as osteoarthritis and arthritis. And the researchers believe that the rosehip powder works locally by reducing the white blood cells' path to inflammation. When the blood cells move more slowly, the pain and swelling also decrease and the joints become more mobile.

Source:Joint Academy 

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