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Healthy buns

Do you love bread rolls? The Raw bread roll is a healthier and more nutritious bread roll that is free from gluten, lactose, eggs and milk protein. Perfect for Fatty's Day and all other days. It's easy to make and since they don't need to be in the oven, it's quick..


The bun:

2 dl cashews

1 dl almonds

2 tsp Hormone harmony

8 pitted dates

3 tsp coconut oil


Almond mass:

1 dl almonds

3 tbsp agave syrup


Served with:

1 tbsp coconut cream

2 tsp agave syrup


Do this:

*Put the coconut cream in the freezer while you make the buns

*Mix all the ingredients for the bun in a food processor to a consistency you can roll up

*Put finished buns in the fridge for about 1 hour

*Mix dates with syrup, possibly a little water

*Whisk the coconut cream with agave syrup to a fluffy consistency

*Cut off the lid of the buns and fill with almond paste & cream

*Serve and enjoy

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