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Our favorite recipes

Here are our favorite recipes with Superfood! Some of the colleagues have chosen their favorite recipe, but we would like to share your favourites.

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Maria, is one of the co-founders of Superfood & berries has "Super detox smoothie bowl" as favorite. She explains it as the world's best green smoothie and a perfect start to the day (she eats it almost daily). It's a smoothie that's packed with vitamins, proteins, minerals and full of chlorophyll! It contains Detox Deluxe, which helps the body to clear out stored toxins.

Link to the recipe "Superdetox smoothie bowl"!

Peter, also a co-founder of the company has "Chocolate smoothie with energy boost" as a favorite, which suits everyone in the family when you want extra energy. It's a smoothie that contains our superfood mix Protein Power, which fnourishes the body with all the amino acids we need to get from the diet plus vitamins, fibers and minerals. It is suitable for those who exercise or when you need an extra dose of vegan protein.

Link to the recipe "Chocolate smoothie with energy boost"!

The intern Sagas favorite recipe is "Vegan Smoothie recipe with Swedish berries". Saga explains it as a simple recipe packed with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries that is suitable for any occasion and for everyone in the family! It is a bowl that contains our product Berry Beautiful. The superfood mix is ​​rich in antioxidants and vitamins, which can contribute to the natural luster of the hair and skin and maintain the normal function of the immune system.

Link to the recipe "Vegan Smoothie recipe with Swedish berries"!



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