• Kuren för ett strakare jag

    the 5-day plan

    Do you need help getting rid of your sweet tooth, breaking a negative pattern, or strengthening your body With our 5-day Feel-Good-Cure, we can help you in the right direction.

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  • Detox deluxe bowl

    The Detox plan

    Do you experience fatigue, irritation, recurring colds, intestinal or stomach problems? Then these may be signals that your body has started to store waste products..

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  • 2-day smoothie plan

    A 2-day smoothie regimen that helps you break unhealthy habits and restore the body's natural balance.

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Maria och Peter

How it started

Peter and Maria started Superfood & berries 2020 in Stockholm after Maria ate healthy from a series of health problems with the help of superfood and a green diet. The mixers we sell today are those that Maria herself created to strengthen her health.

About us