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Peter and Maria started Superfood & berries 2020 in Stockholm after Maria ate healthy from a series of health problems with the help of superfood.

Smoothie bowl med Hormone Harmony

For several years, Maria had struggled with chronic health challenges including the thyroid gland, urethritis and Rynauld's syndrome. By eating a clean diet without additives, removing gluten and dairy products and at the same time strengthening the body with its ownsuperfood mixer, Maria ate healthy from her ailments. The mixers we sell today are those that Maria herself created to strengthen her health.

Both Peter and Maria invest a lot in healthy eating, exercise and well-being and we are passionate about sharing our knowledge and experience. We hope to help others eat their way to better health. The vast majority of people eat too little fruit and vegetables today, and our stressful everyday life means that we often deprioritize health. Much of the food sold today is semi-finished, fast food or food with added sugar and other unnatural substances, which do not provide the body with enough nutrition.

Lack of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants is in itself onehealth hazard. The purpose of Superfood and berries is to make it easy to eat good and nutritious food, and therefore also feel good. Simply a good supplement to daily nutritional intake, which is natural, organic & vegan.

The advantage of purchasing ready mixes atsuper food is to avoid searching through a jungle of products with complicated names. Here you get them pre-mixed and ready to use based on different needs.


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Maria & Peter

Are you missing someone?superfood or other products, if you have requests for future recipes, or questions and feedback, please get in touch at hej@superfoodandberries.see

Hope it tastes!

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