Refund policy

Complaints and complaints

We make sure that all products are in good condition before they are sent to you. Should the product still be damaged or incorrectly shipped when it arrives, we will fix the error at no extra cost. Always contact us first for an approval before returning a defective product. Contact us as soon as the defect has been discovered.

How do you proceed with a complaint?

Any errors and defects must always be reported to where you enter your name, address, e-mail address, order number and a description of the error. If we fail to rectify the defect or deliver a similar product, we will reimburse you for the defective product in accordance with applicable consumer protection legislation.

We are responsible for return shipping for approved complaints.

We reserve the right to refuse a complaint if it turns out that the product is not defective in accordance with current consumer protection legislation. In the case of complaints, we follow guidelines from the General Complaints Board, see