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Maria och Peter

How it started

Peter and Maria started Superfood & berries 2020 in Stockholm after Maria ate healthy from a series of health problems with the help of superfood and a green diet. The mixers we sell today are those that Maria herself created to strengthen her health.

About us

Eat good - feel good

The purpose of Superfood and berries is to make it easy to eat good and nutritious food, and therefore also feel good. Simply a good supplement to daily nutritional intake, which is natural, organic & vegan.

We attach great importance to the quality of our products. Our superfood mixes are tested via an independent third party to ensure the very best quality, so that you as a customer can feel confident that you are getting a good and 100% pure product!

Each superfood mixture is designed to support and strengthen the body. Our products contain only pure raw materials from nature.

Benefits of superfoods