4 sätt att stärka ditt immunförsvar

4 ways to strengthen your immune system

Do you feel sick often, or do you just want to reduce the risk of catching a cold and strengthen the immune system? Here we have developed 4 tips on how to strengthen your immune system. 

1: Eat vitamin-rich diet

Everyone needs to eat vitamins for the body to function and for the body to get what it needs. By eating a vitamin-rich diet, the body's cells are strengthened and then the body can fight the cold before it has broken out. When we get the vitamins we need, the body gets what it needs to be able to work against viruses and colds. Our superfood mix Health Haven consists of 5 organic superfoods that all strengthen the cup and the immune system in different ways. 

Examples of vitamins, superfood & on food can strengthen your immune system

Vitamin A: Found in carrots, spirulina, dairy products, acerola, spinach.

Vitamin B: Found in spirulina, green leafy vegetables, legumes and berries.

Vitamin C: Found in acerola, lucuma, matcha, ginger, citrus fruits, vegetables and spinach.

Vitamin D: Found in oily fish, sunlight, matcha, forest mushrooms 

2: Training or walks

According to studies, it has been shown that by moving around you reduce infectious diseases, colds and viruses. By moving, white blood cells increase and the production of T and B cells increases. 1 hour of walking every day increases protection against a cold. An untrained person who starts exercising regularly gradually strengthens their immune system and thus reduces their susceptibility to infections.

3. Sleep properly:

Another way to strengthen the immune system is to sleep properly, the normal time is between 6-8 hours per night for the body to get a proper rest. During the time you sleep, not only does the body rest, but it works to protect against various viruses and colds should not break out.  

4. Stress less

When you stress, cortisol levels increase and it then inhibits the immune system and makes it easier to get an infection or inflammation. When you stress less, your body works to avoid catching a cold and cortisol levels decrease. It reduces the risk of catching a cold or virus. Sometimes you may need help to disconnect from the stress. Our superfood mix Hormone Harmony with Ashwagandha in it is designed precisely to counteract the stress reaction in the body. 


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